Hey Keyan
Big fan of Stacker.news and your work.
I have a question about how the top posts of the week work.
I wrote this post https://stacker.news/items/219309 and it did pretty well in terms of sats earned, I was of course vainly watching it every day to see how it went and it hit 25K sats which made me very happy.
It seemed to rank on the top posts of the week, but didn't seem to appear on the weekly newsletter despite getting more sats than a few that did. I was greedily anticipating a few more sats if it got featured (don't blame me, perfect hard money will turn anyone into greedy content creators :))
Now I think what happened is I posted it right at the end of the previous week, and by the time it earned the Sats the week had past. Is that what happened?
Just keen to understand how the timing works and if that's why I missed out, very keen to write more posts and earn sats for them.
Thanks from New Zealand (which is on the other side of the dateline which makes is harder to work out your week start and end times.
Would love to come visit in Austin one day. heard some podcasts lately with a few of your shared space crew.
Good points about the SN newsletter feature!
I am currently writing a blog post to make ranking, rewards and the trust algorithm beneath more transparent.
I should probably also include how posts end up in the SN newsletter!
/cc @k00b