Users now have bios. This is the first addition to other things I'll be adding to user profiles over the next week or so.

Bios are kind of a quirky reuse of discussion posts internally. The intent was:

  1. to allow markdown bios and comments on a profile having to implement anything "new"
  2. a way for users to introduce themselves when they fill out their bio

If you don't have a bio, you'll see a little square next to your nym so it should let users know there's something to do there.

The UI/UX definitely needs some more work but I tried to get it to a reasonable state we can iterate on.

Other user profile plans:

  1. profile images
    • I might automagically laser eye them for fun
  2. profile tipping
    • I want both logged in and logged out users to be able to tip so users can use the site as a generic "send me bitcoin" location
    • we'll also be adding lightning addresses
  3. satistics
    • The goal is to give users an idea of how much corn they're accumulating/spending and from what