This should use less block space than coinjoin. Also, no coordinator fees.
However, the history of a not-new utxo is preserved, unlike coinjoin.
But there is still value in trading for a utxo with different history as opposed to no history, or obfuscated history. Especially if its more space efficient than alternative trustless swaps.
Agreed. I have been looking for a way to trustlessly swap doxxic UTXOs for a long time.
I already call this "SwapDox" when I explain the tool that I am looking for.
today I added a section where you can sell your toxic change:
I know the interface is a mess but give it time! I'm working on it
Awesome work. I have been looking for this exact feature for years so I am really looking forward to experimenting with this.
Miners don't know how badly they need this. When this becomes widespread, pleb miners will be doing much better than they are now.