I feel like throughout my life about every 5 years or so I've experienced an intellectual puberty (an awkward and uncomfortable period of change). I can also sense "me" converging on a certain self as I age yet I do hope to maintain self-disruptive plasticity.
This last 5 years were marked by a significant shift in intellectual patience, needing certainly less and even preferring to grapple with things I don't understand. I've meaningfully reduced, seemingly, the rush to conclusion ... which seems to allow evidence to accumulate before decision making.
I've also begun to accept sacrifice as a payment for progress as I've run out of trivial things to sacrifice. I would normally hoard all that I found sacred but I've learned that traveling lighter might help me get farther faster.
I mostly just hope to continue to get better at the things I care about over the next 5 years. I wish I knew what that looked like but historically I don't.
I’ve also experienced the 5 year pivots. It almost feels like a natural cycle some of us go through.
Most of my pivots have been defined by external achievements and changes in environment. I hope the next will be more defined by internal growth, success and the same for those I surround myself with.
This last 5 years has seen me become:
  • More creative in my career & technical pursuits
  • More thoughtful & spiritual - seeking more knowledge & perspective
  • More aware and at peace with the ills of the world
  • More conscious of legacy
  • More focused on community
  • Located somewhere that brings me peace & supports the above
The prior 5 years I was ignoring and sabotaging many areas of myself, prioritising others. I feel wiser for it and calm about whatever twist awaits in these next 5.