I did the stalking at old friends thing last week, many of them are either married or even have kids, yet I am still exploring. Sometimes, I would doubt if I am doing the right thing? But at least I am growing, and I have changed a lot in the last 5 years:
  • from a tech noob to be able to make my own sites
  • from an average English speaker to creating content in English
  • from wanting to acquire/conquer outside things to wanting to master myself
  • from working in trad fi to seeing through fiat scams, then became a Bitcoiner
  • from a spoiled city girl to striving to be self-sufficient
Any thoughts as to why you changed?
I feel when I sensed something wrong in the direction I was heading, I often felt unhappy inside, and then somehow, I would meet someone to guide or influence me in a better direction, and then I would keep trying.
Do you have any plans for how you'd like to change in the next 5 years?
No plans, but I would focus on doing more of the things that bring me joy and peace.
Nice to see, hope you the best.