That's a hard one. I feel like a chameleon which changes everytime. Ok, we have deep roots that couldn't change easily, like personality and stuff. But I do my best to keep moving.
But five years is a lot of time. You can do whatever you mind, it's time for learning a new profession, or switch to another country, learn 2, 3 languages at once, more if you're a beast.
For me particularly, the last 5 years were a proof of humiliation, not complaining at all. I'm pretty sure that lessons must be like this, even if we think we don't need it. I thought I was humble and easy-going, but I'm not. I learned a lot about myself.
True knowledge tend to be deep, it's not "passive", you must think about it. You must dig deeper, and when you thing it's done, go beyond, go even deeper.
After some nice years, contrary to so many positive feedbacks I had on my career, I saw everything going down. Not sure why and how, just saw it. Things start to happen fast and unfortunately you notice that is too late to act upon it.
I also figured how our work is strongly attached to our personal lives; much because of that, my relationship also ended. And many other things followed then.
Now, I'm building everything from the ashes. But it feels like another life is possible. Many positive things came from chaos. I discovered spirituallity again, and improved self-criticism to a wealthier level.
I started to recover my steem and desire to work and learn again. Lost 44 pounds after getting back to running, and many other things.
Five years, it's an entire life guys. Never quit. Never forget what you've learned. Keep going.