In the last five years I became kind of a big deal in a certain community, then, for reasons larger than myself and out of my control, became 'nobody' again.
In the fallout, it was remarkable how much I had grown acclimated to playing my role, how my identity had slowly grown around it, like a vine creeping up a brick wall, sending tendrils into the cracks. Was humbling to have the vine burn up, the wall crumble. Brought some things into perspective.
Now, it's very easy to look around and see the same thing everywhere. So many people investing so much of themselves in presentation management. Into their 'brand.' Only a psychopath doesn't care what other people think, but there's a lot of room to curate the set of people whose opinions matter, and why.
Next 5 years: be a 10x maker, prolific, creative. Keep getting better at seeing the world as it is and not just what I want to see.