5 years ago I was all about the dividend investing and other traditional investments. I still see value in stock investing and particularly in investing in start-up companies, but I now base all my investments on how it would compare to just buying bitcoin. 99% of the time, the answer is don't buy that stock and instead but the money into bitcoin.
I can't wait for the day when bitcoin becomes legal tender in more places. It will finally get humanity off the fiat hamster-wheel and we will be able to finally be able to save, plan for long-term, and get back to celebrating life with family and friends.
Living with fiat, even in the US and Europe with relatively low inflation, we still are being forced into working longer hours, taking second jobs, or doing jobs in fields that we don't love in order to make ends meet.
My mentality now is bitcoin first. A change from 5 years ago.
The inflation is low until we look at how the inflation is calculated and how quality of life deteriorates. The dollar has lost 84% of its purchasing power from 1949 to 1995. In old movies like The Grapes of Wrath (1940), I could be wrong but I think even with a cent the protagonists were buying food. In The Wrong Man (1956) same thing, the amount of money used to go to the dentist was not in par with nowadays. The most striking example I have heard was with the Japanese currency. 100 JPY to go from Manchuria to Kobe by boat after the Second World War (numbers I got from an interview with Mifune Toshiro, an actor). Nowadays 100 JPY is worth less than $1.