Your trading partner was trying to cheat on you? Why was he asking for a charge back? I once lost a few hundred USD because of charge back on Paypal, I felt pretty stupid, but lesson was learnt.
My way to protect against that is to trade only small amounts, a few hundred $ so the risk stays low. Otherwise I don't see what can we do to avoid bank/scammers abuse. I'm now using mostly lnp2pbot that goes through LN, no problems so far. I guess a scammer could ask for a charge back, I don't know.
Buyer is always a threat in p2p exchanges. Unfortunately. We haven't built at least a proper web of trust solution for trading p2p.
To be clear, my bank was not getting suspicious, at least according to them. Three banks filed a case with my bank for a chargeback due to a fraudulent transaction. How this should have worked, I have no idea. Somehow I should have forced those buyers to make a payment to me? This didn't make any sense since I traded with two of them again at a later time. I'm sure at least two buyers didn't file a case with their bank against me, they confirmed this with me over chat on HH. The Peach user was fraudulent, so he might have filed a case with their bank against me. This is what Peach wrote in their letter: As further evidence of Mr. XXX’s fraudulent behavior, there is the fact that this person has previously been involved in (and lost) 7 disputes with other users on ourplatform. In Annex 3, the frauder uses another identity, here after revealed.
These three transactions were roughly ~10k EUR.
My bank did decide on a full account block because it was three different payments that were flagged, not just one. The bank is in full control, they never gave me any details on what I did wrong and what kind of case these other banks had against me.
I plan to file a complaint with the bank and potentially also request compensation. If anything comes out of that I will post that at a later time.