You forgot another Fuck the banks in the TLDR.
Jokes aside, I'm sorry to hear this happened. I think your advice around not trusting the bank, only having small amounts on the accounts, having multiple accounts and so on is very sound. Most people don't realise how reliant they are on some of their accounts and how utterly powerless they will be if the bank decides to fuck with them. It should be common sense to have multiple accounts with different institutions to spread out risk.
If you don't mind sharing, I think some hints on the volumes you were moving around, in terms of € and/or transaction count, would help the community get a feel on where are the limits where the banks starts getting suspicious.
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To be clear, my bank was not getting suspicious, at least according to them. Three banks filed a case with my bank for a chargeback due to a fraudulent transaction. How this should have worked, I have no idea. Somehow I should have forced those buyers to make a payment to me? This didn't make any sense since I traded with two of them again at a later time. I'm sure at least two buyers didn't file a case with their bank against me, they confirmed this with me over chat on HH. The Peach user was fraudulent, so he might have filed a case with their bank against me. This is what Peach wrote in their letter: As further evidence of Mr. XXX’s fraudulent behavior, there is the fact that this person has previously been involved in (and lost) 7 disputes with other users on ourplatform. In Annex 3, the frauder uses another identity, here after revealed.
These three transactions were roughly ~10k EUR.
My bank did decide on a full account block because it was three different payments that were flagged, not just one. The bank is in full control, they never gave me any details on what I did wrong and what kind of case these other banks had against me.
I plan to file a complaint with the bank and potentially also request compensation. If anything comes out of that I will post that at a later time.