I treat banks like I do hot wallets. Keep a losable balance!!!!!!
I also exploit consumer protection laws. Every March since 2020 I claim $5k in theft. They have to legally replace the money while they "vestigate". By then that money is in bitcoin. They haven't shut me down yet either. I'm not doing anything immoral by doing this. I do this because I was once stranded in another country and couldn't get a ticket back because they were "vestigating" valid charges I previously confirmed were mine. Then Covid restrictions hit the next day and I got stuck, and lost a job opportunity. I will claim my $5k every March for the rest of my fucking life. In fact, I need to adjust that for inflation.
Wait, so you defraud your bank for $5k every month, and you're treating this as some kind of moral victory?
Yeah, it's tough to figure out why banks are treating bitcoiners as shady. Weird, cannot for the life of me figure out why.
I know this is off-brand for the btc crowd, but jesus fucking christ.
No not every month lol. Every March.
Well done!
Thanks for being an inspiration to us. Some heroes don't wear capes.
Banks and the whole system are free range slavery.
Small rebellions are one way to shut it down.