Is there not a method of transfering funds that are cash like? Here in South Africa we have this thing called eWallet and you can send money to a phone number and the owner of the phone number gets a pin and can pull the money out of the ATM based on a certain time period and its great for P2P trading
All my P2P trades I use PayPal and I know every time I make one, I could possible be rugged by them, and then sometimes I use cash to purchase azteco vouchers.
I guess if you have some voucher market you could do that, like swapping amazon vouchers or something but usually, those markets have stupid high premiums
I haven't used shitcoin stablecoins but a few P2P bros I know use them because its easy to get a hold of here with many local exchanges and then you go about your BTC buying either P2P or with swapping services
I've never done a P2P transfer with my bank, they give me enough shit as it is lol