My boy is now 4 years old, so this means that I wasn’t a father yet five years ago.
Oh I have changed so much in these five years. I didn’t use to care all that much about money because I considered myself a free-spirited person who could make do with less and stretch my dollar by being resourceful. But the birth of my son made me gulp - I could no longer live the way I did. I don’t aspire to give him all that he wants because I think children born with a silver spoon are likely to not hone their fighting spirit but I don’t want him to suffer unnecessarily either.
That’s how I actually got into Bitcoin. I was quite skeptical about it honestly but because I believed that it would grow in prominence in time to come, I felt compelled to buckle my shoes and learn about it so that I could show my boy the ropes one day. I can’t wait to set up his cold wallet for him!
Five years from now, I hope to establish myself as a credible and unique writer who can deliver BTC pressing issues and trending developments. I don’t think that I am that talented like Vitalik Buterin (who was the editor in chief of Bitcoin Magazine) but hey the pie is big enough for all of us. xP
What kind of writings do you do?