Was the trade partner reliable? Hodlhodl and Peach has scoring mechanisms. You could decide to only trade with accounts that have sufficient trades and high enough scores.
I also use a dedicated account for my p2p trades, but I make sure to also do some regular buys with it from time to time. I don't use my main account though for p2p.
The HH partners both had a high score, and I traded with them afterward as well. They didn't file any claim with their bank, according to them. I will never know the truth as the bank doesn't provide details regarding the fraud.
The Peach user was new and didn't have a rating yet.
For high-value trades, I only select well-regarded partners. Everybody should be able to join P2P trading though, so I also trade with new users, but only for small amounts.
Completely agree. I sometimes also trade with new partners.