I know the consensus is different but isn't rootstock and to an extent stacks taking on this same play trying to get people to use their EVM instead? I don't think the whole EVM on Bitcoin really works because i don't see it being about the tech but more about issuing tokens for some reason and getting people to buy it, thats what ETH is all about, thats why the VCs are hot and horny to fund it
Maybe spider chains and RSK do get some VCs to consider it, maybe some marketshare of ETH products bridge onto it, but what then?
Maybe I'm just not the target market but I don't get the use case, and I used both ETH, MATIC and BSC back in my shitcoiner days, and the only reason was to stake in shitcoin ponzis and get a airdrops of more shitcoins by trading on dex's lol
Stacks isn't EVM, it uses the Clarity language (shared with Algorand).
And the point of this is to maximize capital efficiency. If you're willing to take risks with some part of your stack, you should be able to do it in a more trust minimized way than the current options (either using WBTC/bitgo or using one of the CEXes).