Nayib Bukele (@nayibbukele) is the current president of El Salvador (and self proclaimed "coolest dictator in the world"?).

The population of El Salvador around 6.83 million people.

At 180 new users every minute that's 180*60*24 = 259200 users per day. @naybibukele claims there are already 2.73 million El Salvadorian people using Bitcoin. If those statistics is to be believed and it keeps that growth, it will take about (6.83-2.73)*10^6 / (259200) = 15.8179... days to be used by everyone in the country.

The number of users are likely including the 2.3M Salvadoran Americans living in the US.


Of course! They're talking about chivowallet in particular.

Guess it's pretty hard to say, but assuming only El Salvadorans are using @chivowallet, in the US and El Salvador, that changes the calculation to (6.83+2.3-2.73)*10^6 / (259200) = 24.691... days.