Rough. Actually many forks were started on Bitcoin codebase. And Bitcoin censorship resistance allows all shitcoins to extract value from unsuspecting individuals. So-so it is not like Bitcoin is not responsible at all.

this is a fair point

It's a four hour podcast. Would you happen to know about how far in where that was, so can create a new clip just for that?

Lex and Saifedean Ammous: Bitcoin, Anarchy, and Austrian Economics | Lex Fridman Podcast #284



LOL that is hands down my favourite quote of the year

God I love Saif

ya, i appreciate his perspective

With every 4 year cycles new maxis are born

Lol, brilliant quote. And pretty true too

I feel as though the "X is the real bitcoin" types come from a different type of asshole altogether. maybe one of those elbow assholes.