I don't get it.
First you have to find a piece of music on youtube, than you have to paste the url into your jukebox. Its a bit cumbersome, no? Why not just search for the music and have it play'?
Don't get me wrong. Its good to see others working on bitcoin/music related stuff. I love that. Please do keep it up! But why not come and help us out with a project that is already working and being used by various groups/meetups/venues? You are welcome to join us. If you wanna play by your lonesome, that is ok too.. you do you.
Hmm, the direct search makes a lot of sense. Thanks for a suggestion!
I've checked your project and it's not exactly how I envisioned the lightning jukebox. That's why I decided to work on mine. I also enjoy the freedom to choose my own tech stack. My implementation brought unique challenges that I wanted to solve. I'm really not trying to be your competition. I might consider joining your project, but as I said before, I wanted to give mine a go first.
Sounds very reasonable and makes sense. :) Have fun and good luck.