Can you do a breakdown of the objectionable sections? It's a TON for an outsider to get a handle on.
Conflict resolution is quite established in the field of human endeavors since few centuries, with the idea of the rule of law (clear, transparent and a priori rules, impartial and independent judges, separation of concerns between issues at stake).
My critics to the LDK code of conduct (among others, I have far more).
Code of conduct team is in a situation of conflict of interest when the dispute is between spiral (their employers or funders) and myself.
Rules not to infringe, dispute adjudication process and sanctions are not clearly defined in the document, and left at the arbitrary of the code of conduct team.
Lack of contradictory process where someone accused of wrongdoing can produce an answer or dismiss as moot the accusation.
Lack of separation of concerns between end-users interest funds security and interests of the complainant, there should safe-guard measures to avoid abuses.
All those issues are creating a huge uncertainty in the contribution process of LDK as an open-source project and therefore weakens the survival of the project on the long-term.