Aware the community there is an open conflict in the LDK open-source project and than if you’re considering it to contribute as a hacker or use it for your commercial ventures you should reconsider your decision at it might not be sustainable.
I know that “human drama” have bad press in the Bitcoin ecosystem, though conflict are not bad things per se, as they can be source of newer norms and social rules, or even technical inventions. If you look on the centuries of history, ignoring a conflict by doing the ostrich politic has never been successful (unless for few geographical isolated countries). By raising the conflict in public, I hope to make the issues at stake more understood by the community, and therefore enable their resolution.
Hope I’m answering your question.
Thanks for sharing.
I think human drama is looked at poorly in any ecosystem, not just Bitcoin.
I know several other LDK contributors and none of them seem as concerned as you are about the project's longevity. Maybe they're wrong, idk.
Thanks for your note.
I don’t think we should necessarily look as human drama as a negative thing - This is a fact of life and from conflicts can emerge better norms and ideas on the long-term.
Humbly, what we should look on is a better process to have pacific and respectful expression of divergent opinions, where conflicts can be solved on the ground of principles. That build stronger culture in the long-term.
Be aware of group-thinking among other LDK contributors, they more or less share all the same cultures and professional experiences. Time will tell about the project’s longevity.