Do you know if they got stupid over covid or did they have a reasonable reaction overall?
I wasn’t here at that time, but I’m told that generally people were able to do as they pleased. Without much social pressure or stigma.
Someone who lived outside the capital, in a small town, told me if it were not for their Twitter account, they’d have had no idea for 3+ months that it was a thing.
So overall, I would say much more on the reasonable side, in comparison to pretty much most countries.
It’s helped by the fact that Uruguay doesn’t have much in the way of TV channels given the size of the country. Therefore entertainment and news is for from a combination of Argentina, Brazil and United States. So controlled media isn’t such a thing here. I feel most people have a decent assessment of world affairs, at least those I have interacted with.
I might have to start planning a trip to check out this ignored little gem of a country. Thanks for all of your info.
Thanks for the question. Planning to finish a more thorough write-up in the next week.
As I said to others, would love to greet anyone that comes to check it out.