Bienvenido, looking forward to seeing your photos and travel tips.
Can't wait to share! And this brings up a good question actually: What's best practice if I were to post my photography on here? Would it be:
META category --> Short caption in title ---> Standalone photo attached?
Or do most people on this platform expect posts to contain some form of written content? (Ex: some Reddit subs don't allow only photos to be posted, all posts must contain a set minimum amount of text)
Mmm, good question.
Nothing is really set in stone around here - k00b and the devs are pretty free and easy as to the rules - I guess you've noticed there's a kind of harmonic anarchy around here...
Meta, as you've guessed, right now is the catch-all category.
Depending on the subject matter of your photo where you post them is up to you.
There's not been enough photos on here. But now with image uploading recently being made easier the floodgates are open wide.
Because of this, you could become a photo trailblazer on SN.
I'd personally be as creative and experimental as you can using text - an artist should be able to add, and not detract from, a photo with regard to text.
I think there's a max image size (it's been increased fairly recently). But have fun, it'll be interesting seeing your images - whether with text or not. πŸ“ΈπŸ˜πŸ§‘
Amazing. Appreciate the help, friend! Will definitely be exploring this πŸ‘€