I was born here so some of these are just "normal" to me, but I can also say that some are just myth or at least more exception than standard. What is really expensive is housing, but if you choose an area not near Leman Lake nore Zurich Lake, you will have less difficulty and more reasonnable costs. For having a job and living in one of these area I confirm that it's really the worst problem in Switzerland and I had to move to another area to avoid that. But on the otherside, if you don't move too often, it's painful once when moving but then you forget about the process and take the cost into account for your target job and salary.
Health insurance is the second worst thing but still cheaper than US and at least you can mostly trust your doctors to do the best for you not for their wallet, they are full non stop anyway, they will not chase more patient or try to keep them longer than necessary.
Rest of the costs are not that high, it depends of your lifestyle of course, if you got to restaurants several time per months, yes it's more expensive than most countries. If you cook most of your meals and don't do expensive activites all weekends, you will still end up with high quality of life and relatively normal cost of living due to higher income and lower taxes.
The trash and laundry stuff is more of a joke than a strick rules, at least in most places I lived. I was in a building with laundry schedules but nobody cares if you were out of it, except maybe one old lady, so you just avoid her day and it's fine. And now it's more and more that you get you own machine in your appartment or in the basement. If you have a house it's not a problem either. The trash we are the ones sorting it the best in my building, apparently nobody cares, even trash bag without tax mark and full of glass and aluminum are taken off. So unless you are in one of the rare strick city, it's not a real problem and sorting trash make you realize how much shit we consummed and reconsider some of your choices. Not the worst thing that can happen.
Then again, I didn't live in or visited any country where I could get the same benefits as in Switzerland with similar income and tax level, but I don't know every places on earth.