I think it should be from Zeus side to limit zaps over Zeus pay
The recipient does not know who the sender was, so it is much harder to implement censorship on the recipient's side
not Mutiny limiting payments to Zeus LSP
Mutiny is the wallet that cannot safely pay hodl invoices. To me, the responsibility to "do something" about it is on them, and disabling payments at least until a long term solution is available <-- that is, imo, a perfectly reasonable step to take. Otherwise their users lose funds.
I consider this a dangerous precedent from Mutiny side
I think it is smart at least as a short term solution. If a way to make these payments safe on mobile is thought of then I will support them re-enabling them by default. But right now it isn't safe. Disabling something unsafe -- by default, with an option to change it for those who know the risks -- seems like a good precedent to me.