Would it also be possible to allow transferring an SN account to another lightning login? For example I log into my SN account via Alby. But Alby is only available on desktop. I'd like to transfer my account to WoS so I can log in on mobile without needing access to my desktop. But I don't want to abandon my SN account and create a new one.
I know e.g. lnmarkets.com has that feature.
But what you want to do, you can already do. Since currently, you can only link a single lightning login, you need to link a different auth method first (or if you feel reckless, don't) and then you can unlink your lightning auth. You can then link your WoS wallet (do they support LNURL-auth now?).
Thanks, I'll look into it when I get home.
Yes, they do: #118606 , and I have actually used it with lnmarkets.