Well, the whole design of costs and rewards that @k00b has built is very smart.
Having said that, I would point out specially:
  • The fact that postings costs something keeps a lot of trash profiles away. Generally speaking, things being free attracts all sorts of idiots. The moment you charge anything, even if it's just one cent, you get rid of a lot of that population. This filter is probably the single most important thing that I appreciate of stacker.news. I would even be in favor of making posts much more expensive (1,000 or even 10,000 sats).
  • Paying for curating the recent tab is great. When I used other similar platforms, like Reddit, I never ever ever ever went to the fresh/recent/new/whatever sections because why on bloody earth would I waste my time skimming through that pile of shit. Here in stacker.news, at least I get rewarded when I zap good content. And I also can't deny I have some sense of responsibility. I have the power to ignore crap and bring good content to the top, so when I'm in recent, before zapping, I ask myself: is it good for everyone that this makes it to the top?
That's a great observation, the cost for posting cure the contents. Thank you! I think it's good
Charging for posts on Stacker.news reduces low-quality content and incentivizes curating good content, improving overall user experience.