Winning Traits of Stacker News
  • I agree people sound more human here and I think it’s because they know that their thoughts would be heard and acknowledged, thus helping them to let down their guard and reveal more personal stuff about themselves. I think this culture of reciprocity may arise from the vibrancy of Stacker Saloon and the habit of OPs responding to their respondents. Since I know that someone out there is likely to take my post seriously, I will be motivated to post long prose expounding on my ideas. I mean, sats are a good incentive, but what Stacker News offers is the feeling of being respected. Which Stackers do very well by typing long prose in return, sharing their experiences and offering bits of advice. This doesn’t mean that people always agree with one another. But discourse is largely civil, which makes fertile ground for us to be exposed to different points of view. I learn new things from Stackers every other day and it keeps me coming back.
Great thank you!