Wow are you overreacting!
  1. I never heard of a bitcoiner "hoping Milei would save them." I don't even know what they would mean by that... Everyone I've heard from is just happy that someone in a high place is fighting back against socialism and priming another country towards accepting bitcoin more openly.
  2. The WEF places those bios up for everyone, even their enemies. Remember that article they published this summer about the awesome benefits for Bitcoin Mining? They're a mess... One hand doesn't know what the other is doing there. These talks are no different. If you want to attack him for being associated with the WEF, which we can all agree is evil, then find at least one statement he made that aligns with their main agenda. I don't see it, and I see him elsewhere disavowing the WEF openly.
  3. Dollarization is what El Salvador ALREADY WAS before bitcoin was introduced. It's kind of a necessary step considering how bad the peso was performing. Milei knows that. He also said that he's open to competing currencies, not just the dollar. So go right ahead, buy your plane ticket to go down there and convince everyone to hop straight over to Bitcoin! It's allowed!
  4. Lol on Bolsonaro being a 'member of his party.' Those two are not of the same party, obviously. Milei's party is one he made up and regularly attack Bolsonaro from.
he is an 'economist' so it's not unreasonable to think he would speak at the World Economic Forum to fight their satanic agenda.