Seems like a decent amount of people would consider not mining ordinals a feature, not a bug. There's a kind of meta-market evolving here, maybe.
It's censorship resistant. Is anyone stopping them from mining their own transactions? Everything has a cost.
It's even more fundamental than that: censorship resistant means that individual actors can make up their own opinions. If a big group doesn't want to mine ordinals, for whatever reason -- perhaps because they believe it's harmful for the long-term viability of the network -- then this is a way they may band together to express that.
And of course, you can see how, taken to extremes, that strategy could itself produce worse long-term consequences. It's a complicated system with complicated acts.
Everything has a cost.
Well said.
Its interesting to watch isn't it. Censorship is easy to oppose when its things you like or don't care about. Its different when it is things you find repulsive or harmful.