how can you make such a vague statement representing whole human beings
My familiarity with cognitive bias research leads me to that conclusion about human beings, in general.
I am someone who cares deeply about the truth and I have no other allegiance, but that doesn't make me impervious to cognitive biases. We can take steps to guard against and correct our biases, but there's no known way to not have any.
You can make a stronger statement. It's not that people fall short of the perfect standard of being unbiased because of some property of brains. It's that there is literally no unbiased perspective to be had in the world.
Everything, even the most fundamental and primitive sensory details of the world, are crucially dependent on individual perspective. They do not exist without it.
Indeed. I wasn't thinking about it this way, but you're right. I was thinking about the ways in which we bias the information that we receive.
However, the information we receive is heavily biased by virtue of being heavily selected by our environment.
yes the human beings are biased to truth, harmony, self esteem, hoping best for others and all the good things, by their basic human nature,
thats the human nature while they can be easily manipulated with the tools like internet, television, radio and the printed media, which they are not even aware of. they are being delivered information on utter nonsense acts covered in such goodness that those perpetrators are doing good, else no one will accept any of such acts as you know or can think. i can assure you that most people will only stand with good no matter how much biased is their views on certain matters. so if they can rely on something for truths or is provided with information on all the inhumane activities underway around the world where people with powers are torturing people with less powers mentally, physically, socially, financially and all other inhumane ways, which is pulling back the evolution of the mankind to be a better society, in time. even the people that are directly affected are being fed with manipulated information that they are doing good to them.
those perpetrators are exploiting the nature at its peak and is hiding the extreme threat of 'global climate change extent' with their false humanitarian efforts they are doing with the help of united nations and such organizations, just think of the simple question, why are they running such campaigns while they can simply halt the deforestation and environment harassment with the power they already have in hand.
the temperature over the ocean bed around the world has gone up so wild that in the coming years natural disaster events will be doubled like hurricanes, tornados, floods etc.. while the general public are not even aware of the fact that, they are in imminent danger for their well being. i am not blabbering like few conspiracy theorists do, the temperature rise in ocean bed is a fact that has come to a stage that cannot be hidden anymore. those matters are not spoken in public or that information is not being circulated widely. the irony is that if the general population is provided with such informations freely and the manipulating tools be used wisely they will stop those people from doing what all harms they are continuing in doing in no time and we can make the concept of balanced use of nature and its resources real and make these climate changes revert in time. but think of that few people around the world who for their own good and short term benefits with their utter stupidity and lack of vision are driving the efficient and innocent masses to their sufferings.
it is that our children who are going to suffer in their lifetime. i am not being rude, still we can support them by giving and spreading right information that the government or corporates are not willing to spread. we need better and reliable tools for that.
and for your comment, i can assure you that i will be or anyone will be biased as a father or a mother for their children ie at the lowest level everyone is biased for their family, while majority have brighter view for the human kind to be in good and always be in good. because the mankind is still very early to be extinct resulting in their own acts.
we all will think of such hardships will not come to our doorsteps untill it do, and while we can use these tools we have in hand for spreading the right information to people and lead them to the better future.
so still, dont clinch to the fact that everything is biased and humans can't be unbiased and provide people with right information and make the general people vigilantes and guardians who will not let those few stupid people who are there everywhere play their stupidity upon everything and everyone.
in short to be clear, american elections and candidates are on the headlines, spacex and space explorations and extra terrestrial nonsense is in the headlines, new and new films and serieses are there in the headlines with its success and box office collections, war is in some headlines, political leaders visits abroad is in headlines...... etc..
why the fact that there are people eating just mud mixed in water for breakfast, lunch and supper, yes i meant mud are living in the outskirts African continent is not there in the headlines, why the fact that the global climate change has became an extreme threat to human species is not there in the headlines, why the rapid space rocket launches has ruined the atmospheric barrier more than that of other pollutions in last few years is not in headlines, why the largest of one of the floating glaciers has started melting and is flowing to mainland is not in headlines, why many super powers without knowing the consequences at that time, has done terrible things to the environment and is keeping that as national secrets are not in headlines, why the fact that we can overcome climate change and pollution effects by planting more trees and making more forests in government lands and private lands is not in headlines, why some big pharma companies are still selling their potentially outdated and outperforming drugs while some cheap and efficient medicines had been developed is not in headlines, why the global temperature is raising rapidly comparing to last many years is not in headlines, why the money spend for US election campaigns is sufficient for building a poor country economically in Africa is not in headlines, why the electric vehicles and the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are fully developed but still not marketed efficiently and is held back eying the fossil fuel trade profits while they can and is fueling the global warming is still not in headlines etc..
think rest out.....