i know this is a very difficult initiative just like everything that is underway, but i am sharing my concerns here on the least efforts made on this matter as this is the thing that is driving us now on every global events, there needs to be more efforts and extreme care should be taken on this matter as groups of people with money, manpower and political power can do anything they want and silence all others who are opposing them by transmitting only what they need people to know to the people who otherwise will oppose their doings if truth is provided to them.
those people are using this information technology for their benefits, why can't we use the same technology to offend this.
take the case of lbry (was a very bold move) as you may know which is silenced by the government, is around beacuse it is completely decentralized, take the case of Julian Assange and many more.
there is nostr, but such initiatives have to come mainstream, there are people who are still not convinced themselves to use Bitcoin but everyone is using the internet.
or is it still not the time people get organized regardless of country, religion, ethnicity, race and all that factors and provide people with information which is good for mankind.
tired of this bullshit, i am not anti government or anti leadership or anti democratic or anti anything now which has powers, i am against the false information they are spreading through out the world to hide their inhumane acts in plain site or their utterly stupid actions against the whole mankind for their short term benefits.
i know the future is bright ahead that this utter nonsense will not go on forever as powerful individuals will emerge in future but we can make them their efforts easy by doing whats needed now itself.