Just a week ago, RoboSats had an earlier update, with the details shared here on SN:

RoboSats adds end-to-end encryption for chat based on the OpenPGP standard https://stacker.news/items/32589 https://twitter.com/RoboSats/status/1530699837133443072

RoboSats has since Tweeted this:

RoboSats has leveled up during the weekend!⚡️

🔵 Max trade size is now 1.5 m Sats 🟡 Default bond size is now 3%, minimum is 2%. 🟠 Many added small features and bug fixes.


The contents of that post on Telegram:

RoboSats has just gotten better! ⚡️

What is new?

🔵 Max trade size is now 1.5m Sats 🟠 Default bond size is raised from 1% to 3%. Min allowed bond size is raised from 1% to 2% 🟡 If your encrypted chat communication is bugged, you can now send unencrypted messages. Simply start your message with "#". Avoid as much as possible (only works if both users are connected, and these won't be stored).

Many other small fixes (profile button bug, annoying chat autoscroll, add minimalistic scroll bars, invalid peer signatures if clocks had a mismatch, rounding problems, language fixes, new TG messages for makers...)

If you aren't already familiar with RoboSats, Matt Odell describes RoboSats well, in the video from this Tweet:

@ODELL + @MartyBent on RHR 202 re @Robosats contains nearly every hashtag I watch for on twitter

#NoKYC #Bitcoin #exchange on #LightningNetwork over #Tor using #OpenPGP in an #encrypted chat to #BuyBitcoin #P2P #Anonymous w/ a #NYM

if they'd said #FreeAssange it'd be 100% 😂



The previous Max trade was was, as best as I could determine, 800,000 sats.