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They're live. As usual lmk if you have any issues or advice on how to improve.

They are more less exactly as planned here: https://stacker.news/items/3396

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It would be cool to build a tree to see who invited who. For example, like lobste.rs/u/

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This is a cool feature and can't wait to use it more. Feedback: Sent out 8 invites to some experienced lightning user friends. Many stumbled because they use Wallet of Satoshi which does not yet support LNURL Auth. Another, that uses Breez on iPhone logged in, but did not receive her Sats. :(

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chiyo888 is her username. Thanks!

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I just sent @chiyo888 1000 sats.

I suspect what happened is they visited the invite link, then navigated around the site, then logged in but not through the invite link? It only works if they signup at the invite link page and the user sending it has enough sats.

Or there’s a bug. I’ll investigate further.

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They should’ve gone to her stacker news wallet if she logged in through the link you sent. If no one minds, can you share her username so I can look into it?

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