The thing is we are annoyed with fiat paywalls, monthly subs, newsletter, email, kyc BS. We really understand that good research is expensive and we want to pay for it our way. We want only you to get the money. We do not want pa*pal or the cc bros to get their cut and our data. open letter:

Dear newspaper chads, Dear future garage startup billionaires,

can you please add lightning payment for ya newspapers. We really like to pay you for good content. Remember we like it cheap. We are fine without your monthly, newsletter, email, pa*pal, cc, sissy kyc. Be the first. Write an article about your newspaper enabeling real money and privacy. Be a chad newspaper!

yours, lightning users union


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Great Success!

It is one of the projects of the "first wave" like satoshis.spaces

The future is here it's just not evenly distributed yet. The information and knowledge is there, it's just not been accessed by everyone yet. We've already got it here on Stacker News. Good time to make a new newspaper, eh.

The New Stacker Times. A.K.A Stacker news.

Does, like, medium or substack or something take sats yet? If not, we need to make THAT on LN, ASAP, IMO.

We should do what GitLab did for GitHub to Substack: LightStack. If only I didn't have a full time job that I was supposed to be doing at this very instant, lol.

What's a newspaper?

theguardian writing about bitcoin and accepting shitpal and shitcard is like maximum ooof we have an open letter for you