I think there are 2 parts to this

  1. I would love to see links to podcastindex.org, Mastodon, Peertube, Tor version, I2P version, IPFS hosting of the files, etc. But then almost no-one would be able to find it. The podcast teaches you exactly about those things, so the expectation is that the listener wouldn't know about it ahead of time.
  2. That said I'm especially annoyed by the Google Analytics, many JS binaries, the tracking id in localStorage and requests to tens of domains. I'd encourage everyone to comment about that at https://twitter.com/optoutpod/status/1449935488597508096
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Thanks for the reply. I admit, I simply saw the front page, rather than examine the content: I already listen to a multitude of Podcasts that I find take up a good deal of my time. A good SEO page will get any site listed on any search engine, and as such, anyone searching for the content that said site has to offer, would find the site. I also see on reason that a site could not simply self host the Video content as well as any audio Podcasts.