Here you can find the current shortcuts/buttons to take actions inside the ~Agora. Due to the current territory description useful character limit, shortcuts' URLs have been reduced in length thanks to the free version (for transparency, clicks are not tracked) of, an amazing link shortener service enabled by the nostr protocol, that is fast and fuss-free, stripped of all bells and whistles and needs no gimmicks — it just works!

Below, you can find the extended link and the relative shorted version:

[BUY] L:[SELL]+[21k%20sats S:

[SELL] L:[BUY]+[21k%20sats] S:

[HIRE] L:[HIRE]+[21k%20sats/hour] S:

[OFFER] L:[OFFER]+[21M%20sats/21days] S:

[AUCTION] L:[AUCTION]+[Start%20at:%202.1%20BTC] S:

[SWAP] L:[SWAP]+[Your%20Location/Area] S:

[FREE] L:[FREE]+[PickUp%20Point]%20or%20[ONLINE] S:

You can edit the title [TAG]s after clicking, however we recommend you keeping at least the first one to help the community understand your main intent. Secondary tags are optional and useful to provide more details about the item(s) contained in the post. It helps counterparty better understand what's inside your post and save useless clicks and precious time.

You can find the updated version of this shortcuts/buttons also in the current territory description in the archive. Your feedback is always more than welcome
I think you have buy and sell links swapped, but looks good otherwise!
Thanks for letting me know, I'll fix the territory description
Wow, not bad! Great use of the query parameters to autofill the forms.
I love the magic of W3C standards ;) and it would not be possible without the help of @SN 1000 character limit
Really cool! 👍
@delete in 365 days