The full report is shared in a separate post, here on SN:
The report recommends that CAR should only focus on adopting Bitcoin. A lack of focus may possibly slow or even endanger the spread of adoption.
Buying and selling Bitcoin should be as convenient as possible. Mobile credit retailers, which are very common in the country, will play a key role in adoption.
The report states that improving the electricity infrastructure is essential for the country. Hydroelectric power within the country could have an installed capacity of 700 to 2,000 MW, compared to the currently available 40 MW.
A Bitcoin house or embassy will be established in Bangui and be a hub for Bitcoin education.
The Sango Wallet will enable users to send and receive Bitcoin through on-chain and Lightning Network transactions. The wallet will convert CFA Franc to BTC and vice versa as well as implement a robust security system to prevent the misuse or theft of funds within the wallet.
Bitcoin bonds issued on Bitcoin’s Liquid network will help with the construction of solar and hydropower energy infrastructure as well as Bitcoin mining.
Some of the current members of this delegation are Samson Mow, CEO of JAN3, Jeff Gallas, CEO of Fulmo, Alex Gladstein, Head of Strategy at the Human Rights Foundation, and Fodé Diop, CEO of the Bitcoin Developers Academy.