You boost a post like you upvote it. After your first upvote, all your subsequent upvotes are considered boost.
Note: that boost decays pretty fast with time since the original submission. The older the post the more upvotes (and yet even more boost) a post requires to rank higher.
I might change this in the future. Rather than using the time since the original submission I might use the average time of the upvotes and boost rather than the time of the submission.
Adding a math plugin to my markdown editor is on my todo list ... so I can show rather than tell what the ranking algo is among other things.
I was trying to boost this FAQ in hopes that it would show up in the "Front page" (and thus in the /rss fee), so that new posts would automatically occur in the @StackerNewsFeed account on Twitter and also on Mastodon.
Is there a (reasonable) amount of sats that would cause this to happen (for this post from back in July)? Or does the rank algo just make that infeasible?
Ranking algorithm makes it infeasible.