Is there a meta post for all Stacker News feature requests?

It would be cool if there was - and even better if it was accessible from the nav / bottom nav.


  • You can quickly see if the feature you want has already been asked for and upvote that post instead of posting yourself or look through the search.
  • You can quickly check back on features you previously requested / viewed / upvoted to see if there's been any update.
  • Having the post viewable in one of the navs would encourage more feature requests and upvoting of existing feature requests.
  • Users requesting really cool features could earn a large amount of sats.

(maybe @k00b can just add this post to the nav and I can earn sats just for suggesting it 😁😎)

Subpages, subpages, subpages!

Feature - Tagged User Suggestions

It would be great if after typing the @ character a pop-up was shown that suggested stacker news profiles based on the characters you type afterwards - showing something like their profile name / image / username.

Also would be great to have this autocomplete/searchbox when delegating payments...

You may be interested in one of the recent job postings that is looking for a relatively short interview with SN users

This may have already been talked about but it would be sick to have a mobile app!!

Also, this may be a myspace vibe but it would be cool to be able to do more with our personal profiles. Not exactly sure if that would fit here on SN because it's not a facebook or twitter. Anyways, SN is still epic and continues to be more awesome every time I log on. #DOPE

Okay, I wrote this without checking out the profile tab... What can I say, great job!

Imagine a SN spin off issue tracker site like Trello, then SN would just have its own page there.

Full LN integration and Auth, but without bloating SN itself.

StackerTrack TM

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