Chaincode Labs is offering a 3-month program to get people started on contributing to Bitcoin open source development. The program is free and starts in two weeks.
My application has been approved a couple of days ago. I'm so happy and excited to join this cohort. Dreaming to become a Bitcoin contributor
Pure signal organization helping build the future.
I applied to a program of theirs over a year ago and didn't get past the second challenge. It was above my level but still absolute beginner territory. Mad respect for these people. They can code circles around me.
I wish I could build the future... but I guess I'll be watching shadowy super coders build it for me. Hopefully I can zap them along the way.
If you want to build in this space, you should take advantage of stuff like this. As bitcoin grows we'll likely lose access to sources of personalized help like this.
stackers have outlawed this. turn on wild west mode in your /settings to see outlawed content.