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Murch is a Research Engineer at Chaincode Labs. He contributes to Bitcoin Stack Exchange, Bitcoin Core, the Optech Newsletter and Recap, the Chaincode Podcast, and co-hosts NY BitDevs.



Hi @Murch, can't wait to connect to "the Chaincode Podcast" More details pls... Hello @BitDevs

In the Chaincode Podcast we interview Bitcoin engineers about Bitcoin protocol development. Our most recent episodes were with Pieter Wuille and Tim Ruffing on Key Aggregation schemes based on the new Schnorr signatures, and Clara Shikhelman and Sergei Tikhomirov's proposal how to address Jamming in Lightning.

You can find our episode via our website (https://podcast.chaincode.com) or on anchor.fm.

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Welcome aboard!

Yes welcome, let’s go!

Nice to see more Engineers in the community, welcome!