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Wonderful article, summarizes quite some interesting developments.
An interesting fact that came to mind while reading this paragraph.
Until1975, fifteen years after the independence, one could still travel from Cameroon/Africa to France with only a passport; there was no visa requirement.10 years later, it was still possible to use your CFA Francs in some places in Paris, or exchange them for French Francs at no cost.
What it important to remember is that colonies were populated by millions of European settlers who emigrated with their families to take advantage of the opportunities in trade, business etc. These laws, I suspect, served the purpose of helping them to make business.
The African economy was much freeer and expectedly, booming like never before (and sadly, in most cases, also after). For the first time, many indigenous Africans could experience social mobility and be part of the new emergent middle class, and in general, everyone's standard of life improved. Cameroon's gdp in the early 60's was higher than Singapore's, South Korea's etc.
How times have changed!!
What do you think happened to the settlers after the independence?
Bitcoin utility can be a big win for villages like this
This is the kind of story we love to read about Bitcoin and how Bitcoin changes lives every day. While in the Western world, Bitcoin is not yet a necessity, Bitcoin already is in many areas around the world.
Bitcoin is a game-changer in Africa to accelerate the economic development of poor and isolated populations:
This initiative flips that narrative by using Bitcoin mining to fund energy in parts of Africa that are too poor or remote to merit connection to grids, but which do have plentiful supplies of potential power sources. Mining soaks up the excess energy of these renewable plants. And this delivers not just electricity but a powerful jolt to drive development in the local economy.
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Excellent read. Thanks for sharing. This kind of traction is fundamentally more important than BTC becoming a commodity for wealth managers to diversify into with an ETF (reminds me of email to fax service). That's all fiat noise. What's happening in Africa, Bondo Malawi in particular, underscores a true grass roots economic alternative to what the Gov't dishes out, and if this scales, we will see the vision of a global sound money expanding organically.
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