Just a pleb here spitballing, the Fedi devs have confirmed they have the containers to potentially launch Fedimint as an app on node in a box devices like Umbrel or start9. Imagine launching a fedimint for your family, friends, or social group. I love the idea of me and a few others in my family serving as the Uncle Jims to a family bitcoin treasury. Hello generational wealth that is instantly distributed geographically and across multiple people and devices. Mutiny and other wallets will eventually deploy fedimints, allowing offline lightning receives (among other things). Imagine sats drop into the federation while you are offline and then when you come back online they drop into your Mutiny or other wallet. Now if you have a self custodial wallet if you are offline and someone tries to send you sats and you don't come online in time you just miss those sats. Problem solved (of course with some tradeoffs, nothing is perfect). Worried about a government crackdown, $5 wrench attacked, and youre more than tin foil hat type? Have a family, friends, or other trusted social group form a fedimint stash without a trusted custodian. Collaborative multisig has some great benefits, but maybe you don't want to dox the amount of bitcoin to a company that could be forced to turn over a private key, xpubs, etc. This could be especially great if you have family or friends in different countries. Just some of my first pleb ideas.