nice to see 9to5mac giving positive btc coverage

this is exactly what I though

Lol the article comments🤡

Thanks for the heads up. Neanderthals still walk amoungst us. These comments need to be preserved for a museum exhibition

Oh damn, the income tax implications of this just settled in... 😬

And those are?

that if you make an income the federal gov't expects you to pay taxes...

So far on Fountain, I've seen podcasts that are presumably hosted elsewhere (Spotify mainly). I also saw on the app the option to 'claim your podcast'.

My question is can you get your podcast on Fountain without putting it on Spotify first? Can anyone clarify how the hosting of the actual podcast works with Fountain?

Oh n/m, I see the part where you can add RSS feeds

Still not sure what value4value is

Same... The page on podcastindex is super vague... I know what "value for value" is though... Perhaps it's actually the same thing.

If i understand correctly it means that something is technically free and you just pay or donate what you want. Its an interesting model because if the thing in question is free why would anyone donate or pay anything..

Because if you don't support your favourite podcasts they will go away.

If you respect the effort it’s only fair to support it monetarily. Technically any of time/talent/treasure will make a fair exchange

if you get value from listening to a podcast, return value in the form of money. that's value for value in a nutshell.

I have mixed fealings rearding podcasting 2.0, as the foundation is build on a shitcoin:

If you actually read the thread you see that the foundation isn't built on Hive. But thanks for the fud.

Wow the comments are so cringe, people who spend their time stuck in apples walled garden clearly don't have the ablity to think, only the ablity to consume

9to5mac means we slowly getting mainstream baby