you made a post about a shitcoin in the bitcoin territory.
Bip39 is a BITCOIN problem and solution. So everything that he did could be done to a Bitcoin private key address. He educated me as to the amount of effort it would take if my seed words were found and maybe I obfuscated the order thinking I was clever..
This is good work and but no means is it advertising the shitcoin.
This was BIP39 exercise. If someone gets your private key they can watch all the addresses you use and one day make a fat transaction.
I understand this is not obvious to novice Bitcoiners(though it should) so I'll explain.
The post does not discuss anything particular feature of Ethereum, it talks about BIP32 & BIP38, BITCOIN Improvement Proposal. These both dictate how to generate keys in hierarchical orders and respectively how to encode the entropy. They are used in almost every single wallet out there. Because of their structure, these support other coins, as a subaccount of your main seed.
This is the same exact cryptography that secures your Bitcoins right now.
I am very well aware of what territory this is, and how reads stacker news, and I think it's a perfectly valid post, as it informs how key management is done.
Your response shows incredible ignorance.
I certainly won’t deny any incredible level of ignorance however I was only adding words to the emoji you questioned.