This is an awesome fund, would love to see this as an app on Umbrel, citadel and RaspiBlitz, so it reaches more people by default and orders can start filling, p2p orders are bare and thats why premiums are so high since theres little competition

love this idea! will there be a web front end for anyone to view in real time? perhaps historical stats too!

So the issue with Python scripts, is that newer versions of Python break older scripts. Please make a docker container for this so it stays easy to install.

Or an AppImage Or a snap

Anyone is welcome to contribute some packaging method, it's FOSS after all :)

If I have time I can take a swing at doing so via Docker but that's a bit too heavy-handed of an approach for such a simple script IMO. Ideal packaging would be getting it into PyPi.

Got it. I only mentioned stuff I know. I'm more a ruby guy, but I can usually get away with python because its simular enough.

Love this!

Pretty cool. Seems like a small step toward liquid non KYC buys and selling.

This script is now running by a bot on Telegram:

See offers from Bisq, HodlHodl, and RoboSats -- now on Telegram

Thank you for posting this.