One of my successful posts here was WHY I DIDN'T VOTE YESTEDAY and for me it was a big revelation on my own psychological path, awareness, confidence and sovereign realization!
But boy here is a real douche-bag post I made in 2017 I'll Be Voting and You Can Too! I'm embarrassed, I want to hide it. But, no, forget it. I need to own everything and that is what is great about the wisdom of age. Proof of work and proof of jerk.
Little did I know that bathroom graffiti, incomplete sentences and marginal behavior would normalize itself. I look back on my petulant early works and even they pointed in a better direction. I do hope that as Americans we can return to good manners, intelligent language and progressive thought. Whether we believe it or not the planet is changing. So is our consciousness.
But when I wrote that in 2017 I was changing. I was working around a bunch of people who boated. These people owned businesses. The had Trump flags. More importantly they did things to actually help people instead of asking the government to do the helping. I still work with them now. I'm known as the Anarchist Anti-government Bitcoin guy, but, you know, I try.
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No judgement here. None of us were as good as we wanted to be as early as we wanted.
Thanks for sharing.