Specifically the chapter in which Kang and Kodos, the 2 most famous aliens run for the US elections in different parties.
In this chapter Homer takes off the mask to the aliens and it happens that both are the same, in that moment Skinner proposes to evaluate a third option, to which aliens respond that they agree, saying that of course he can throw his vote in the trash whenever they want.
This reference is valid for a large umbrella of countries in which the bipartisanship looks different to the citizens when they really represent the same interests.
What do you think? Is Milei a third option or will he simply end up taking off his mask and presenting himself to the world as just another alien?
Note: you can check out the video within the comments section. Thanks for reading!
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Woods' Law: No matter who you vote for, you get John McCain.
I'm still undecided on Milei.
It turns out the Simpsons was trolling us on many occasions. I never watched it. I'm guessing it was lost on most people who watched it. I would love to think Milei would change things but you can help be wary.
Sorry to break it to you.. Just a Macri puppet..