it does feel like it all got commercialized. same thing happened to surfing and skateboarding culture. but, the spirit lives on, and the thing itself is more than it would have been and has touched more lives. That said, I feel you. The grungy surf town I grow up in has gotten a lot nicer over the years, and I miss the grunginess. even if it was less safe and not as “nice”.
That's a perfect analog. Even being adjacent to that skater culture, I have a deep understanding of your analogy, although I never made the connection before, myself. Awesome.
Multinational changed/changes everything throught gouvernement: -their will of getting richer and richer,
-the will to kill a culture (Skate/Surf/Music/Street Art....and so many more and so hacker culture) , -the wlll to keep their power in place, -the will to have a world that looks likes their image!!! -and so many more examples...... They want to show a fake image of the reality, it s a prostitution....
Remember what they (gouvernemet) did to Anarchism (anarchism is violent and Anarchist put bombs everywhere, they are dangerous...) Showing a wrong image of the reality...
So they implement: -more and more rules, -control, less freedom (we are loosing it: Snowden/Assange/Strike....), -confusion (too many false informations), -less education, -fear... to avoid people to think, to walk on the wild side.
But also, it is not what we call the evolution of the human race?
We may need to go through those steps to reborn as an phoenix :)