I'm really loving the quoted search, which allows you to search for the EXACT term. It makes Search a lot more useful.
Thank you!
Interestingly, I only discovered it by chance, just playing around with search. I know that on Google search, quoting a term makes it required, so I tried it out, and it worked.
Embarrassingly - I did NOT find the ability to do this by looking at the search screen, even though I search a lot. Usually on a search screen, I'm accustomed to just looking for the "advanced search" pop-up, which gives you all the keywords and tricks you can use.
Now I see that the quoted search ability IS now mentioned on the search screen. It's on the bottom, under "More Filters" in the unusual font. Which apparently was something that I just was not able to see.
Here's an idea - to make this more discoverable, how about putting a little "advanced search" link next to the magnifying glass, that pops up the advanced search options?
Also another thing - what about making the default ranking NOT be zaprank? Or at least, having an option to have it be "best match"? A lot of times when you search, it shows up some random posts, that have the same root word as what you're looking for, that happen to be heavily zapped. Many of these aren't useful, because the longer a post is, the more likely it is that it'll have the root of the word you're looking for.
Great feedback.
what about making the default ranking NOT be zaprank?
We could give it less weight. Currently it's applied linearly, ie match_score*zaprank but it might make more sense to do match_score*log10(zaprank)